OctoStudio group project!

Hi all! I spaced on posting here, many apologies. I’ve become wholly focused on our MiniCon event :sweat_smile: Anyway, here is how I ran my program, and I’m going to attempt getting our project up as well!

My plan from the get go was to create a story (of sorts) with the group of kids (ages 7-12) on only one of our ipads. I set it up to our projector via an HDMI cord, and I had some story dice to give a little helping nudge to any kiddo that wasn’t sure what they wanted to happen next. The thought was to have each kiddo add to one big story. I had about 15 kiddos signed up, so that seemed the most feasible plan.
While setting up, I had my own little light bulb moment, and decided to throw the Spark cards down for each kiddo to choose from if they didn’t know right off what they wanted to have their piece of the story do.

We spent an hour and a half laughing, learning, and playing with our crafts and the iPad! Much longer than I expected interest to be kept. I did not get the full attendance of my signed up kiddos, but that has been all of our programming lately :woozy_face: While I’m a bit bummed, this did mean we were able to spend extra time with each kid’s turn, so they looked at more than one card per turn. I had a total of 4 (age range) kids participate:
One kiddo made 2 backgrounds, and that was our location!
I had two kiddos choose buddies (they all got one, but we voted on 2,) and they easily picked up how to trace their buddies into sprites!
I had one kiddo that was not so much into the crafting lol, but they were still into the story, and came up with the magic treats.
And I am happy to say I did not have to use our story dice.

We begin the story with the play button, which just sets everyone up and gets them to a smaller size. (I took the photos, and I am not well versed in iPad photo etiquette :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:) so the sizing was a bit off.
A magnet wave moved the frog to the treeline.
Two taps gets froggy to it’s prize - a mushroom!
When the frog gets the mushie, they race to the river for a drink (a played sound.)
The background switches to a new part of the forest, and a house!
Froggy eats the mushroom, and turns into – a panda bear?!
Three taps gets panda through the forest to its house, where a mushroom has been saved for later. Since it’s now later, panda eats the different colored mushroom, and transforms into – froggy again! And then the ta-da sounds, and that is the end. I may have forgotten something, but hopefully it will show anyway in the attached video!

I can’t lie, I was not that great at keeping my hands off the iPad because it was not in a case, but the crafts and also story line were not added to by me at all! I was able to ask open ended questions to inspire creativity, I was able to ensure that there was no wrong thing to do, make, or say, and when there were questions about what to do to get an end result, I told them I was happy to learn with them, because some of them absolutely thought of things I had not in my own creations prior to the program. This was a very trust the process program, so when we had mess ups, we laughed a lot. At one point, when we added the ta-da to froggy, every single tap from begining to end was a ta-da! We had to watch that twice before finally fixing it. And, the first mushroom does a mad dash when we get to page 2, and we just could not figure that one out. I imagine a third mushie would be the solution, but we decided it adds character to the story.

We are all in full-blown MiniCon prep, so forgive the mess, and the awkward sheet as my projector back drop. Moving the canvases did not end well for me, so I just threw myself a hail mary that did not turn out so bad.
There is no rhyme or reason to my table set up, but I usually like to keep the kiddos and the crafts separate, but allow them to go get more, as they want/need them. I am not positive the video share will work, so if it doesn’t, I will try to get it to show when we have our next meeting if anyone is interested in seeing it.

Mushroom Frog.octostudio (976.2 KB)


…especially love the fairytale feel of those hand-made backdrops :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :house: :evergreen_tree:

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Yes, it was so nice and added the perfect amount of whimsy!


I’m inspired by your ideas and can’t wait to do another OctoStudio Event. Especially now that the Eclipse is over, which by the way was amazing.


Yes, it was! :sunglasses: :sun_behind_small_cloud: :new_moon:
I am so glad I could add some inspiration, this truly was so fun. I’m going to attempt setting it up again with my kid’s club, which is currently mostly 5 year olds :sweat_smile: I feel a lot better about it now than I did before I had this program, so I’m counting it as a total win lol


I love that you changed plans at the last minute with your “lightbulb” moment and used the cards! Some of the best facilitation happens this way!

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