General Library Programming Questions

Hello library (and also non-library friends that put on community programs) friends!

The library I work at is starting from scratch with our program planning and we are wondering if your staff uses a checklist when planning programs?

Does anyone have a way of creating/steps for building programs at their libraries that they can share? I know some systems use tools like google forms and others are more organic, etc. We are essentially trying to re-build how our system develops and communicates internally about programming and would love any insights from other libraries!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Coley!

Here’s a great resource from Makers in the Library—check out the “Implement” download on this webpage: Makers in the Library | Downloads — Makers in the Library

PLIX activities have a Playtest + Plan section with resources like book recommendations, editable flyers, and printouts.

And if you’re looking for templates, here’s a pdf from Mississippi, one from Virginia, a word doc template from ALA, and a pdf resource guide from ALA’s “Let’s Talk about it”.


Thank you, Ada! This is rad. I’ll be sure to forward these resources on to our team. Hooray! :cowboy_hat_face:

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My Library uses Airtable to keep track of what each department is doing…we have a collective Programming Calendar on there that each department is responsible for submitting their programming. It has really helped to make sure that we aren’t providing duplicate/super similar programming and that there aren’t any programming space conflicts. I use google forms for registration forms, there are form limiting add-ons that will close out your form when you hit your registration limit.


Doria - This is awesome. I’m excited to see ways the Ambassadors will be sharing out how their libraries work, with each other and with the larger community!

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