Fuse Bead Paper Circuits

It was posed in the ambassador forum if fusebeads and paper circuits would work … this is my response and experiment.
I think if you don’t over melt the beads the LED tines should fit through the melted bead …or you can plan for your design to have missing beads so that you will have space for your LED. My brain liked both of those ideas and I experimented with my volunteer, both methods I mentioned above work…the fox had the beads for the eyes removed before pressing and the LEDs fit perfectly… looks much cleaner.The backside of the fox is giving Hannibal Lector, I think tweens and teens would enjoy the added LEDs to fusebeads. Keep designs small took about 45-60 mins altogether.


This is an AMAZING idea! We are going to try this in April. thinking we could add a pin backing.
Thanks for posting!!!

oh wow this is extremely cool!

Yeeees. I am definitely going to make some of these to show off and have a program specifically for it in February. Now I need a catchy title.

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This is such a fun idea! I love that the types of items to which circuits can be added is endless!

:heart: I’ve had this Kirby sitting around so I figured I would repurpose him.


It looks awesome!!!

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Here are the images for the Perler Beads Electrified program I did. I tried to advertise it by having patrons passively boop my raccoon’s snoot.