Eclipse Beautiful Symmetry

What symmetries will you see on April 8, 2024? Create a collage / pattern / or diorama of your future experience!

Share your projects here, to inspire others.

My somewhat symmetrical โ€œeclipse glassesโ€!


I love how you incorporated the glitter paper for the sun and moon. The jingle bells are a lovely touch. Wondering if these will work as a frame for the real eclipse glasses!

Hereโ€™s a city symmetry collage!

I live in a city! So I would go outside to see the eclipse. The houses are right next to each other so thatโ€™s a kind of repeating pattern. There are windows and doors, and windows on the doors. I used craft foam as stamps to help make those.
Also I made it as a card so itโ€™s something I can send to a friend!